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Total solution of Scientific experiment education on Computer Based - MBL sciencecube guidance
MBL sciencecube introduction

MBL scientific experiment education is a new scientific education curriculum with based on IT, computer(information, communication & Technology).

Elementary and middle school's science education is an importance and it is more raised in the latest science technology society with the rapid growth.

It is necessary for that the struggle for existence and the prosperity of the country which needs to raise not only a manpower of science ability, but also basic science education for the people with cultivation of science intelligence. Education of Scientific Investigation with an experiment activity is the essence of an interesting for the Science in the elementary, middle and high-school.

The student must see a real nature and to experience the scientific phenomenon.

This kind of scientific experiment education that education based on computer(MBL: Microcomputer-based Laboratory) already took effect since 30years ago in OECD countries and also practical use on STS(Science,Technology & Society)scientific education curriculum.

There is a driving modernization for real study of science and the science course reformed to focus to scientific investigation that called the 7th curriculum in Korea.

In this situation, MBL scientific experiment education can be improve in an investigated education with experimental activity and expects to be found the revolutionary scientific education.

at the Sciencecube MBL laboratory in Seoul Digital Industrial Complex.

MBL ScienceCube people
MBL B2E Expert planning & management

Kim in-sik / Business Marketing / CMO

Kim hyun-soo / R&D / MBL member of a committee

Jung chan-kyoung / Marketing Board of Director

Yun yoo-jin / Marketing Manager

David. Song / International Sales Dept. Manager

Nadia. Cho / International Sales Dept. Assistant Manager

MBL ScienceCube R&D

Yun young-gi / Software Researcher / VB/PDA/Networking Program

Ju yeon-ju / Software Researcher / VB/RT Program/VC++.net

Park jong-seok / Hardware Researcher / Interface/sensor/RTOS

YJang byung-nam / System Researcher / Digital embedded system / RTOS/Hardware

Kim jung-bae / System Researcher / High-end system/RTOS/ VC++.net/Hardware

Han jung-ho/Production Researcher/Jig test/Sensor test/Hardware

MBL ScienceCube T3 technology R&D field
MBL ScienceCube T3 (Teachers Teaching Technology) curriculum

Cognitive Psychology and MBL

Scientific Education Environment

MBL Study of Education for Scientific Investigation

MBL Study of Education for Scientific growth

MBL Study of Education for Scientific Culture

MBL ScienceCube T3 Technology

Embedded Real-Time OS R & D

MBL Excel Program R & D

Virutal Instruments R &D

User Interface R&D

Product Design R&D

Interface R&D

Sensors & Probes R & D