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Science Cube has three experiment options; Easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based Experiments, Virtual Instrumentation Experiments, Experiments using Standalone MBL Interface.
  Plug & Play Function
  Science Cube has a built-in Micro Processor and thus compatible with computers, enabling many types of data exchanges. Also, when a sensor is connected, it is programmed to recognize the type immediately. The data then can be sent to the computer.



  Easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based Experiments
  Science Cube is constructed to enable communication with Microsoft Excel. Excel, world-known software creating one of the basics of computer applications, can be manipulated to analyze and acquire data with unprecedented ease. Experience the simplicity of data compilation. The task of drawing graphs can be just one mouse-click away. Excel Chart Wizard makes drawing graphs so much easier. And because the Excel Chart Wizard is also compatible with other documentation applications, experiment reports can be drawn up with much more facility.

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  Virtual Instrumentation Experiments
  Science Cube provides a program that enables experiments in LabVIEW, G-language of USA's National Instruments Company. LabVIEW is used in the latest IT-based scientific and technological industries such as aerospace industry, automobile industry, rapid transit railway industry, electron electricity, semiconductor fields. Not only is the reputation of LabVIEW already well known among aerospace industries such as NASA, General Electric, it is also being used to run the rapid transit railways of Korea. Science Cube provides experiment applications utilizing LabVIEW, thus allowing for a more professional approach to scientific technique.

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  Experiments using Standalone MBL Interface
  Science Cube provides standalone MBL interface which enables wireless gauging and experimentations without any connection to a PC. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well as while on the move. If the data is stored in the memory chip you can summon the data from your PC. When the interface is connected to a PC, experiments can also be conducted similarly as when using PC-attachable interfaces.

Experience practical science in your hands during science camps, scientific cultural explorations using Science Cube standalone interface.