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[Photosysnthesis experiment package SCS-300]

The Photosynthesis Experiment equipment makes it possible to experiment on photosynthesis of green plants (land plant and water plant), respiration and inhaling capacity of germinating seeds with accurate elements and amounts. Students can measure exact generated amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen with ScienceCube’s sensors. This experimental has LED light source as the world’s first, which control temperature rise, it makes a precise measurement of the experiment data. You can get more precise data of photosynthesis experiment than an incandescent lamp or a halogen lamp. If the temperature rose up during photosynthesis experiment, the plant would be withered and photosynthesis reaction would be stopped.

photosynthesis experiment

Data-logger (Optional)

Photosynthesis equipment

CO2 Gas sensor (Optional)

O2 Gas sensor (Optional)

Temperature sensor (Optional)

CO2 -O2 Tee (Optional)