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Science Experiment Equipment

[Multi Functional Dynamics System SCS-500]

The Dynamics system consists of a 1.2m track, two carts, and related accessories. The system is designed for use in physics and physical scientific experiments. Dynamics system enables more accurate and precise experiment by minimizing friction. Sensors like Motion sensor, Force sensor, Photogate, Accelerometer etc. can be adopted to measure exact data. Some typical experiments done with the system and include

Newtons second law

Newton’s law

Conservation of Energy

Uniform Motion

Spring Constant

Motion under constant acceleration

Inelastic collisions and elastic collision

[Gate Timer Package SCS-600]

Gate Timer Package detects a period of reciprocation. This package shows the period directly without interface or computer. The photogate in this package adopts magnets so it can be attached on blackboards or rods.

Newtons second law

Gate Timer

2 Photogates

Sensor cable