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Data Loggers

[Science Pro]


- Stand alone type of device

- running without connection to the PC

- Portable-small & light feature

- No need to add special cards or drives. Automatically identifies the sensor.

- The Features menu on the LCD screen is composed with graphic User interface (GU) style icons can give
you the easiest way.

- Various languages support. (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Thailand language etc)

- As a firmware updates, provided that new sensors are produced or more functions are added newly.
Science cube Pro will be automatically updated to fit on the newly produced sensors.

Data Loggers Technical Features
Size 160mm×90mm×25mm
Display 128mm×64wide graphic mono screen
Data management Up to 50,000 data collection and up to 16times experiment stores
Battery Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (1250mAh)
Sensor input Using 3channels simultaneously.
Sampling time Real time mode 0.05sec/3channels
Real time mode 0.005sec/ 1channel
Stan-alone mode 0.0001sec/1channel
Resolution 12bit A/D
Digital in/output port 1 channel
Output : PWM, Sine, Square, Triangle
Sawtooth wave
Communication port USB Port, Serial Port