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Data Loggers


- Wireless Data Collection, Analysis, and Sharing
- It is compatible with any Android devices (SmartPhone, Tablet PC) and PC (Laptop).
- ScienceCube's all sensors are compatible.
- You can use upto 4 sensors at the same time.



Data Loggers Technical Features

Sensor input port Analog/Digital 4 ports (12bit ADC)
Connections Wireless (RF 2.4Ghz) based on Bluetooth, USB 2.0
Sampling time Max. 500KHz/CH
Resolution 12 bit A/D
Battery Li-polymer 1100mAh, about 10 HR (@temperature sensor)
Charging Requirements USB 2.0 port (Max. 500mA @5VDC)
Operation Temperature 0 to 40 (Celsius)