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MBL is a term which means a computer or a handheld-computer based data collection that does scientific experiments using portable computer devices. MBL means tools or applications which are used as a technology of data collection and analysis.(Educational datalogger)
  Historical background and Actual state of MBL
This article is a scientific experiment R&D material utilizing MBL of Chang Hoon Kim(Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation) and Hyun soo Lee(a Teacher of Gu-jung high school) in Korea Research Society For Physics Education(1997).
1) Disessa(1987) considered introducing a computer in education as a revolutionary event and asserted as follows
-The first Revolution(The age of PLATO Project)
-The second Revolution(The age of the popularization of computer)
-The third Revolution(The age that computers are the center of school education within 10 years hereafter)

2) Seug jae Park(1987) forecasted that science education by experiments would play an important role in increasing abilities of investigation and cultivating of scientific attitude of students, and emphasized the importance of overcoming the conceptual education by the existing CAI(simulation).

3) Fiedler indicated that people didn't encourage the ability of investigation but instructed students to do experiment as 'cook-book' which was regardless of scientific(physical) concept and also spent much time on processing experiment data in most of laboratory.(The time that students spend on data transformation is not helpful for concept acquirement and rising the investigative thinking power).

We consider MBL as the innovative and promising way to solve the problems like the above, and it is developed actively(Layman & Dejong, 1985; Karcher et al, 1987; Tinker, 1989) and used in foreign countries(Quist, 1983; Karcher et al, 1987; Thornton & Sokolff, 1990; Kocher, 1992). Thornton(1989) verified the usefulness of MBL by proposing and applying MBL and investigating the degree of concept change.

The nations which use MBL

The historical Background related to MBL(Organization)(Since 1990's)



TERC (Technical Education Research Center)
UAL(Universal analog lab) -Dickinson College
PSL(Personal science lab) - IBM
Turfts University (R.K.Thornton) - Proposing MBL's Education course
Stuart M. Quick - MBL Experiment on the Acceleration of Gravity
K.J.Wunderlich & D.E. Shaw - Proposing cheap computer interfacing
Blue Box - Apple
PSL - Team Labs
Science Workshop -PASCO
ULI(Universal Lab Interface) - Vernier
AAPT(Americal Association of Physics Teacher)
NSTA(National Science Teachers Association)
Lego Dacta
National Instruments (Elvis)
Texas Instruments (CBL)
Intel (IntelPlay)



England, Netherlands, Israel, Australia.

Virtual Teachers Center (VTC)- ICT in practice
Easy Sensor, Philip Harris, EcoLog, Pico, Furier System etc.


Korea, Japan, China

Science Cube, Korea Science Foundation(YSC), SUZUKI, NAKAMURA, etc.