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Science Cube can be used as a tool for data logging and analysis in ICT education. MBL is used positively in the area of ICT in practice.
  What is the Data logging?
The concept of data logging is widely spread even if you don't know the meaning of it. Every device that you can see in the surroundings logs data corresponding to the purpose when you turn on the TV, use a computer or patients are examined in the hospital.

Same as this, science that deals with real world is same in the way of data logging. The scientists use computers that can easily measure very fast or slow physical change compared to the traditional way and promptly record or analyze it. We call this kind of way MBL

Like this, as we can do experiment very effectively if we use computers, we can do discuss and more researches in remaining time. In order words, we can analyze experiment results promptly through data logging in real time and the results of graph, so we can remarkably increase the scientific ability of the scientists or students who conduct this.

As a reference, there is this ICT education course in the key stage 2 to 4 of England education course. MBL is composed of 3 main areas for scientific data logging and recording.

Brief Description of Data logging



1 an interface for your computer
2 sensors
3 suitable software




1 purchasing strategy
2 organising resources
3 features and prices