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About us

A message from the CEO

We devote ourselves to serve our society by implementing science equipment to communities around the globe. Our mission is to help students learn science by offering great tools and contents which would help them in their in their scientific research and achievements.

Korea Digital(KD)is a company founded in 1997 offering educational equipment and supplies for the private and public sectors. KD lays the foundations for comprehensive school and university programs through its experience in educational planning and organization. Furthermore, Korea Digital equips schools technical schools, colleges, universities with the necessary classroom tools and laboratory equipment that reinforce the bond between the industry and research. KD has accumulated 15 years of knowledge and experience through its progressive roles in developing equipment for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science as well as other tools for the educational and industrial sectors in South Korea and Overseas. KD harbors a knowledgeable educational and creative consulting team which is unparalleled in the industry.

What makes us apart from competition is that we are deeply involved in student activities and classes throughout South Korea because our goal is to improve the learning experience for students and teachers alike and improve the educational system as a whole.
I strongly believe that our technology will help build up the frontier and open new doors for the future.

Joo Gil Mo
CEO, Korea Digital Co. Ltd.