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ScienceCube is the brand name total solution of Scientific experiment education on Computer Based - MBL sciencecube guidance in Korea Digital Co., Ltd. MBL scientific experiment education is a new scientific education curriculum with based on IT, computer(information, communication & Technology). Elementary and middle school's science education is an importance and it is more raised in the latest science technology society with the rapid growth..

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Sciencecube Proveware

The advanced technology of ScienceCube MENTOR is remote and portable data logger for Science Education.
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Auto Weather Station

Collect weather data

Collect weather datausing multi-channel in the real time Integrated smart type sensor :
measurement, data collection, equation & calibration Various analysis tools with icon-based UI and data viewer Share the weather data through the weather server
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Max- Advance

scienxe Learning System is a revolutionary all-in-one mobile sevice that seamlessly integrates the power of probewere with inqulry-based content
> Science Provewre.